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   He Who Binds Himself (HWBH) is a Death Metal band from Phoenix, Arizona, formed in 2004 by vocalist Nathan Gearhart (vocals, ex-Vehemence, ex-Unholy Monarch ). Upon switching their name from He Who Binds Himself to Nefaricede in 2008 and resurrected back to He Who Binds Himself in 2010 with a new line-up; Mark Kozuback on bass (ex-Vehemence, ex-Abigail Williams, ex-Reign of Vengeance, ex-Mistaken Identity, ex-Revolution, ex-The Symmetry in Chaos) and Andy Schroeder on drums (ex-Vehemence, ex-Abigail Williams, ex-Mistaken Identity, ex-Revolution, ex-The Symmetry in Chaos) the low end and rhythm section comes into HWBH as an already established and well-oiled machine. Originally, Gabe Oso (ex-Inducing Terror, ex-Ritual Autopsy, ex-Invading Uranus) was the bassist (2004-2010) and switched over to guitars in 2010, and joining in 2008, guitarist Steven Jasinski (ex-Autumn's End, ex-Eroticide, ex-Reign of Vengeance); both provide a range of technical, death, thrash, and groove metal riffage with a destructive edge that would strike a nerve.

   In 2014, two one track demos “The Worthless Altar” and “March of the Bastards” and in 2019 an extended four track demo entitled “Demo 2014” were released; their old-school influence of metal was apparent in He Who Binds Himself's initial work and soon embarked their style which the band adopted positively. Their four track demo “Demo 2014”, received positive thoughts and verbal reviews by fans within the region which spurred the band to work on their self-title debut album.

   He Who Binds Himself signed to Metal Devastation Records ( for the distribution of their immense self-titled debut album, “He Who Binds Himself”, released on January 7th, 2020 digitally and May 24th, 2020 on Physical CD (CD release delayed due to COVID19 pandemic). The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Villain Recording (, Phoenix Arizona and was engineered by the owner Byron Filson except the bass tracks and guitar solo for "Alone And Suffering" which was recorded at Mass Insanity Productions, LLC ( and by owner/engineer Steven M. Jasinski; the production reflects the best qualities of recorded material found in the Death Metal genre of today.

   He Who Binds Himself, is not loath to venture into undesirable obscure matters that focuses on the horrors of everyday atrocity as a platform for lyrical content. Their sound is a blend of diverse musical influences from various styles ranging from technical, thrash metal, old school death metal, and even groove metal that consists of technical guitar riffs, vindictive drumming, pounding bass lines and vehement vocals which has created catchy memorable songs that intrigue the listeners of all metal genres.

   Having their self-titled debut album, He Who Binds Himself, played consistently throughout radio stations worldwide, ever since the band’s inception, including the most reputable Radio Stations, DJ’s and Fanzines in the Underground Scene, who have given them high praise such as, "one of the most efficacious and influential Death Metal bands of 2020 who has unleashed an old school death metal style with melodic, brutal, and technical overtones that should be heard, recognized, and complimented to the laity".


The Members...

Nathan "Nate" Gearhart -- Vocals
Nathan is the founding member of He Who Binds Himself (HWBH). Born in Kentucky and raised in Indiana, Nathan moved to Arizona in 1986 at age 8 where he discovered his first obsession, Black Sabbath. Nathan’s previous bands include Vehemence (with Andy and Mark), where they recorded 4 albums (Metal Blade Records), shot several videos and toured the US extensively; Unholy Monarch (2009-2011). Nathan is highly regarded as one of the best death metal vocalists of all time by many. Top 5 lyrical writing influences include: King Diamond, Chris Barnes, Ian Anderson, Jim Morrison, Glen Benton.
Steven "Steve" M. Jasinski -- Guitar
Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, Steve moved to Arizona in 1993 when he was 17yrs. As a child, Steve played the saxophone, he later progressed to piano and then finally settled with the guitar at age 12. He has been performing music since the 3rd grade. Normally a quiet and reserved guy, when Steve gets on stage his alter ego takes over. Previous bands include: Eroticide (1993-97, 2000-07) where he recorded 3 albums and Autumn's End (2010-2013) recording 1 album, West coast tours, and EMG TV Studio sessions.
Mark "Mark" Kozuback -- Bass
Mark moved to US from his native Canada in 1986, eventually settling in Phoenix, AZ. He renowned for having one of the most unique styles in Death Metal bass playing. As a traditional finger stylist, Mark implores multiple techniques of finger picking, strumming, slapping and plucking. His former bands include Vehemence (1997-05, 2006, 2007-16) with Nathan and Andy, Abigail Williams (2005-06), Mistaken Identity renamed to Revolution (1995-1998) and The Symmetry in Chaos (2006). Influences include: Les Claypool, Flea, Propaghandi, Suffocation, and Rage Against the Machine.
Gabriel "Gabe" Oso -- Guitar
Raised in NorCal and moved to Arizona when he was 12. Gabe gets along with just about everybody and can often be seen laughing and joking with everyone at shows. Some of his past bands include Inducing Terror (2002-2005 Guitar and Bass), Schlitzkreig (2002-2004), Furthest From Faith (2013-2015 Guitar), and Invading Uranus (2012-2015 Bass). He has also played both guitar and bass in HWBH. Musical influences include: Mike Patton, Devyn Townsend, Opeth, Die Antwoord, Polkadot Cadaver (all Razor To Wrist artists), Suffocation, Carcass, and too many others to mention.
Andrew "Andy" Schroeder -- Drums
Born in Bloomington, Illinois and moved to Arizona when he was just 1, Andrew is no stranger to the drums. He began playing in the high school drum line and later went on to become a founding member of melodic death metal band Vehemence (1997-05, 2006, 2007-16) with Nate and Mark. Andrew’s other former bands include: Abigail Williams (2006), Ashes of Erin (2010), Mistaken Identity renamed to Revolution (1995-1998) and The Symmetry in Chaos (2006). Influences: Suffocation, Primus, Death, lagwagon, Cannibal Corpse.


He Who Binds Himself (self-titled)
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  • To Those I've Killed
  • Our Will The Way
  • This Time She Found Us
  • Alone And Suffering
  • The Worthless Altar
  • I Am The Dead God
  • March Of The Bastards
  • These Eyes See Everything
  • Why I Ate Them




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